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Random Issue - Audio Drops Out



Hi, im having issues when editing my recordings in VideoWave, I input my gameplay and some webcam footage on the internal overlay then outside of the internal track, cut out bits of the gameplay I don't need. Suddenly out of no where when im previewing the footage, when it rolls into the next cut clip the audio cuts out. Though if I click out of the cut clip section then back in and continue previewing the audio is back until it rolls into the next cut clip.


Im using Windows 8 with Intel i5 CPU and Ive got a Nvidia GeForce GT 720M with 2 GB Dedicated VRAM, my gameplay footage and webcam footage is mp4 aaaand I dunno what other details you need. Everything's up to date.


If anyone can help, I would very much appreciate it. Ive looked around for any solutions and tried different things but no go.



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So I found out why its doing this, I tried to use another editing suite and it wouldn't import my webcam footage saying its too small in frame rate.

So I thought maybe it was a similar issue with Roxio, so I removed the webcam footage and made my cuts and the problem is fixed.


I just need to find out how i can adjust my webcam footage to work with Roxio. Im gonna try converting or deinterlacing.

... feel free to lend a help in hand at anytime guys..

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Not buying it... not at all.


Video Editors could care less what size a clip is, and if you have one that does, flush it down the toliet!


Post a 5 sec sample of your web cam on some hosting site, like UpForDown so we can run it through its' paces ;)


Here's a small cut from the webcam, thanks for the help.


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UPDATE: I have tried to work around this issue by just clicking on another clip and back into the clip to preview the clips with audio and once finished I tried to export but it gets to 99% and wont continue, just sits there. So im thinking I need to fix whatever this issue is if I want to export the video.

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