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A 700 MB CD can usually hold just a little under 80 minutes of Audio. A 650 MB CD nominally holds about 74 minutes.

How many minutes does your "old music CD" have on it?


You say the CD is "apparently" 726 MB. How are you measuring that? If it's an image file of 726 MB the content might well fit on a 700 MB blank CD.


Finally, which version of Creator DE do you have? [see Help > About when running the software] Different versions have different abilities, and I suspect yours won't be version 6, which is where you've posted your question.

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If they can fit the tracks into a master for "pressing" the original CD, they can make a CD as long as they like.

This used to be done back in the 80's to prevent copying the disc, since there's no way you're going to get 82.5 minutes safely onto a burnable CD.


It was probably done like that deliberately. It doesn't stop you ripping the tracks, but you can't make a 1-disc copy.




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