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Roxio Gamecap Hd Pro Hdmi To Dvi-D Setup Problems





I tried to look up a solution for my problem, searched alot of threads, tried what people said in there, couldn't find a solution.


So here's my setup:


Xbox 360 Slim => HDMI Cable => GameCap HD PRO => HDMI Cable => HDMI to DVI => Screen (Acer x233h bd)


and of course


GameCap HD PRO => USB => Notebook



Alternative setup was:


... GameCap HD PRO => HDMI to DVI => DVI Cable => Screen



I get a signal in my GameCapture Software, the quality is great and I can record without any problems.

However, I don't get a signal on my Screen.


My screen supports HDCP and has a DVI-D Input.


Connecting my XBOX directly to my Screen always worked without any problems, I also tried to use different resolutions in the XBOX Dashboard, never got a signal.

So I tried to connect the GameCap HD PRO directly to a HDMI TV (GameCap HD PRO => HDMI Cable => TV) and it worked.


So, from the info I gathered so far, it should work, but it doesn't.


I'd be thankful for any help I can get.

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Thanks for your replys, I got it to work.


Tried a HDMI Cable with a DVI-D Single Link output, didn't work.

Then got a Splitter, 1 Output to the Card, 1 to my Screen, works like a charm.


Looks like the easiest and fastest way to get it to work is a Splitter (when your Screen only has DVI input).

Using the HDMI to DVI-D Single Link cable for my screen on the Splitter.

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Unless it works right out of the gate like mine did with a HDMI - DVI-D adapter :huh:


But with 5 different DVI "standards" and HDCP rolled in... the odds of failure are greater than the odds of success :wacko:


Interesting that in spite of all your research into specs, in the end it did not work. - not your fault just reflects the amount of BS out there :lol:

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