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Vhs To Dvd3 Plus

Christi Tman


I'm stuck - i've tried most everything - and keep getting "this product is not activated" when trying to load the CD - I called the store and they said that they recall when i was in there (20 minutes prior) and said that it went through the "activation" and it shows on my receipt that it "activated" but it's not accepting the code to allow me to do any installation.


I've read that this is a security issue with Roxio to prevent theft? I've registered it on the site and i've put in support tickets, and have case numbers but what does it take to get a person on the phone to ask them what to do - or have them confirm your activation! So frustrating!!!


What is the best way to get a person on the phone vs a phone tree of push this number, push that number and get referred back to the website!!!



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It is a sad state of an anti-piracy scheme...


You did not mention if you are connected to the internet (required)???


While your ticket may say "activated" it isn't worth the paper it it printed on UNLESS the Roxio Server knows it it activated and will release the install :lol:


Phone doesn't seem to work well but I would connect to Sales and then see where they could take me ;)


Otherwise, the only thing we know to do is to run it through the store again.

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