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Nxt Videowave Crashes In Middle Of Project


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Hello all...I have Creator NXT and im running WIN 7 Ultimate ...Intel Dual core 2600 3 gigs ddr2 ram ATI 4800 1 gig Video card. When I am in middle of Videowave project it crashes to desktop or the screen will turn white and crash without any Error messages. The problem does not happen when doing anything Special like Dragging Audio or trimming so im Stumped. I have updated my Video drivers and also reinstalled NXT Twice with Norton OFF.I have Norton 360 and turn silent mode on and also turn off Protection and still no help.. I tried to change it to Software setting and still crashed....ANY HELP PLEASE!

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Please provide this information about your computer. (Link)


Often heat is a cause of computers crashing if the CPU is running at close to or at 100% over a long period of time. Have you looked in your computer to make sure that all the fans are running to cool it and the inside of the case is clean. You can carefully blow out the computer with dry air - protect your eyes and don't get over exuberant with its use.


Tell us about your project - where did you get the video files? How long is your project? Does it always crash about the same time? Have you looked at the video files you are using? What is the source and the format?


Are you using a Registry Cleaner?

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