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How To Raise The Volume Of Sections In A Video Clip? Is There A Gain Filter?



I have an event that I video taped. Parts of the video involved the use of a microphone. Well somehow the volume on the mic. output was turned down, so what happen is that the volume of

ambient sound is much higher that the volume of the video where the mic. was used. Now the

volume of the ambient sound is normal; however, the volume of the sound produced by the mic.

is very low. In order to here the sound produced by the mic., I have to turn the volume way up on

playback unit in order to here the video and when the mic. is turned off the volume has to be turned

back down. I need a way to increase the volume on the parts of the video where the mic. is

beening engaged. There are a "boat load" of audio filters that are part of the editing tools for video

clips but none that, I can see, can simply raise the volume. Any tips that can be offered would be

much appreciated!


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The AUGarphicEQ might help because you can raise the strength of certain frequencies and low others. The effects won't apply if the audio is Dolby AC3. I don't know about other compressed formats. If it doesn't work you can use the Convert window to export the video as DV (if it is standard definition) and that will decompress the audio.

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Hi Tsantee,


You are a godsend! Thanks for continuing to help the Toast community. I will try the first option but it seems that it should be much easier to raise the volume that this. All that is needed is simply a Gain option. Now the second option I can't use because the video is in HD. Thanks for everything.

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