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Downloading .cpi File Extentions



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I am having trouble down loading my .cpi files into the Roxio Creator 2010. Do I need to upgrade to a newer program to capture this video?? Thanks~


Is this the format you are asking about?


"The CPI file type is primarily associated with 'AVCHD'. AVCHD is a high-definition digital video format that supports 1080i and 720p with a reasonably small file size. AVCHD files are based on the MPEG4 CODEC. AVCHD video files can be burned to Blu-ray discs and played in compatible devices, such as Blu-ray disc players and the Sony PlayStation3. Various video programs can edit or convert this file format which is generally used by Sony and some Panasonic video cameras." from FileEx.


Creator 2010 does support AVCHD files but perhaps not that extension. I'm not sure if I ever heard of cpi file extension.


Now tell us how you are trying to download the files and from what camcorder/camera?. If it is a digital camcorder, there is no need to capture; just copy from the memory to your computer. If it is tape, then are you using a Firewire port?


Can you shoot about 5 seconds of video from that device and post it to a sharing site llike "UPForDown"? I don't have that version on my computer but I'm sure one of the other posters will try it out for you.

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