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Capture Software Freezing

Blade Blackheart


Hi, My Roxio Game Capture Pro tends to freeze cafter apturing any video beyond 1 hour. What happens is that I stop the capture and the software gets into Not Responding and then it crashes. And my gaming capture is not saved!!!!


Can anybody please help? Here are my computer specs:


CPU: Intel i7-3930K

CPU@ 3.20 Ghz 3.20 GhZ

RAM: 16 GB

OS: Windows 7 Professional


I'm really this close to getting rid of this device, it's just causing me way too many problems!


Thanks for you help.

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You only reported ONE other issue and that was 4 months ago... Is that "too many problems"?


There are only 3 things that cause a stop of capture:


Loss of signal


Lack of disc space


Overheat (PC or Device)


The first 2 should be evident so I would look carefully into the overheat -_-



One user (and only one) cited the RGC Device as the overheat culprit! I would make sure it is in the open and even direct a small fan at it to make sure it is not the issue.

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Yes, it was one issue, because I haven't used the product ever since (I am doing a lot of business travel), and even back then, I had gazillion problems with the editing software and relatively few with the capturing software. Since I was mostly working with capturing video, I just didn't complain.


Anyway, I doubt any of the issues you suggested are the cause of it, since I didn't see any loss of signal, I have terabytes of free space and my PC is a gaming PC that takes care of overheating quite well (it's an Alienware Aurora R4). So, thanks, but... from what I'm seeing and judging from what other users are experiencing in generalm I guess the software is simply way too buggy. Any chance of ever updating it?

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Well, the device itself is very much out in the open, sitting on a wooden table, so I doubt it's overheating - unless it's faulty: I'll try again and see if it does that. I don't know. I think I'll also try closing a bunch of programs, maybe the software conflicts with one/a bunch of them... Do you know of any specific software that is known to conflict with the Roxio software?


Thanks for the help, I'm just very frustrated

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