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Toast Titanium 11 Quits When Copying .img File



Hello, I'm trying to burn a copy of an .img file and when I drag the .img file into the burn window I consistently get the message "Toast Titanium has unexpectedly quit" I've reinstalled the most recent copy of Toast Titanium with no success. I'm running Maverics on a late 2012 iMac with an external Apple burner. I would appreciate any suggestions..



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hello. i am having the same problem. i have updated to OSX Mavericks, 10.9. i open toast 11 pro, under the 'Copy' option, i select 'Image File' where i am choosing to burn a disc image file to DVD. The Main Toast window opens, where 'Copy' is highlighted, and underneath that on the left hand side is a pull down menu, which has 'Image File' selected. in the large window beneath that, it says 'Read From: Nothing Selected'. below that is a button labeled 'Select....' which i click on. a window opens up allowing me to select which .iso file i want to read from. as i navigate through my hard drive to select the particular .iso, i highlight that .iso file and AS SOON as i click on the 'Open' button, Toast 11 Pro QUITS. every time since i tried to use the program AFTER upgrading to OSX 10.9. obviously, there is a problem. i can't even tell you what i am doing. i have tried to be as detailed as possible. this is the procedure i have been using since someone taught it to me.

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AS SOON as i click on the 'Open' button, Toast 11 Pro QUITS.

To determine if it is an issue with Toast, the system or the .iso file, try this:

Open Disk Utility. Drag-and-drop your .iso file to the left panel. if all goes well, your disk image should appear below a division line, below your hard disk(s).

If you want, you could mount or burn disk images from there.

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