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How on earth do I get Roxio NXT2 to recognise".vob" files so I can convert them to other formats to play on my Samsung Tablet.

I am very disappointed as this programme is supposed to do it all :(

Thanks Martin


Nobody said the programme would "do it all - by itself". You need to direct it to do what you want done, if that's technically possible.


.VOB files - Video Objects - are container files holding streams of audio and video, subtitles, menu elements, and navigation directors, for DVD-Videos. They come in sets, each set comprising a whole DVD. If you try to convert just one of a set you're going to get very erratic results.


Copy & Convert should be given the whole set - the contents of the Video_TS folder - and then you can select individual or all videos or movies from within the set to convert.


Run Video Copy & Convert, select Convert Video, and in the 'Add Source' pane select Movies.




Media Selector will open a window. Navigate it to the Video_TS folder which contains the movie or video you want tro convert.

Select the individual movies you want from the right-hand pane, and then click OK.




The Media Selector window will close, and you're back in Copy & Convert ready to select your output parameters, and click the Green button.


How's that?



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