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Roxio Gamecapture Hd Pro Isn't Recording Call Of Duty Ghost In Good Quality



Hi guys,

First of all I want to say that the quality is only bad at distances :/

I don't know how to explain it but I'll paste a link of one of my vids here :)

My roxio is hooked up to my tv with a hdmi cable and to my ps3 with component cables :)

I don't know or this has something to do with it but I'm also not able to record in 1080i or change the output format to AVI or Xvid :/



I think that we all see that the quality isn't that good as my Black Ops 2 gameplays :/


I hope we find something to solve it soon!:)

Thnx for the replies ;)

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the RGC Will Not capture at quality or rates that are Greater than what it receives...


Likewise we could not know what settings you are using on Export!


And if those 2 aren't enough, YouTube will lower your quality, depending on your account prevlidges...

Hi :)

I'm just recording in 720p hd in mt2s, and I got full youtube features because of my partnership :)

So I don't see the problem :/

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Look a little harder, it isn't a software issue ;)


I've tried everything :/

I've also tried every possible way to render the video but I've found another solution, but I've pay for it :/

I've a xsplit account so I can live stream with that but when I record with xplit and set the bitrate to 4000 the quality is perfect :)

So I don't get why the roxio capture software won't let me change the bitrate :/

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Do you understand what was said in Post #2???


You just proved that the Device is not the issue. but until you sit down and examine your settings nothing is going to get fixed.


No one is going to watch 7 1/2 minutes of video on the off chance they might see what you are talking about...


Do a screen cap of the good and the bad and post your Properties of your raw m2ts files along with your rendered files, like this:



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