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Video Capture Device With Composite Rca Plugs

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I have the video capture device that has the composite red, yellow and white rca plugs with a usd plug at the other end.


As this is generally used for a vhs transfer to a computer to make a dvd later on, can it be used to also connect a cable tv box/direct tv box with these rca composite connections to a computer so that I can save the television program that I would normally watch?


I think but aren't sure that the video capture device wire piece is suppose to be able to be used with just about any composite rca output situation whether its a vhs, beta, cable direct tv output and so on?


Kindly reply to let me know more about this.





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There are 2 VHS 2 DVD programs. Please let us know which one you have and then your post will be moved to the correct forum.

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