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Difference In Mp3 Project Size



I created several MP3 projects on my old computer using Roxio Creator 2010 Pro. When I changed computers, I reloaded Roxio Creator 2010 Pro. When I opened the old projects some of the project sizes exceed the 80 min CD capacity even though they did not exceed the capacity when the projects were first created. The mp3 file sizes have not changed between computers so somehow either the bytes/min have increased or the space between songs has increased. The program is the same on both computers. Any suggestions as to why the project duration would increase like that?

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An MP3 disc doesn't care how long it is.It is a data disc and goes by size not time.

Now,if you're using those MP3's to create an Audio cd then time does matter.



Also an MP3 disc doesn't care how long it is.It goes by size not time.

It's a data disc and doesn't adhere to the Audio cd standards and limitations.


Yes, we know that! ;)


Roxio's Music Disc Creator MP3 program measures 'Total Project Duration and Estimated Free Space'.


Roxio's Music Disc Creator Audio CD program measures 'Total Disc Duration and Estimated Free Time.


Why I asked the OP to tell us what he is doing. :unsure:

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