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Toast 11 Titanium - Slow Bluray Burn 1X?


Hello Everyone


I have a problem which might help me .. I use endless bluray burner to burn customer video recording but I do not have all day to burn 2 pcs recording. I have read something similar but can not find the answer.



I have a Lacie Bluray burner that runs on FireWire 800 on my Macbook Pro

Spec on ​​the macbook:

2.2 Ghz Intel i7 our


10.9 OS X (Mavericks)


I have previously before the Mavericks could burn at a speed of 2X-4X but now it is only 1X.


Speed ​​of burning is in the "Best"


When I burn it says:

Average write speed: 1x

Current write speed: 1x

Remaining 40:45 remaining <--- This takes more than 2-3 hours

Can you help me?

I have the latest update of toast titanium 11 and BD Plug-ins

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I haven't taken not of the burn speeds I'm getting with my USB 2.0 Sony Blu-ray burner. I do know that Toast 11.1 burns slower than any previous version of Toast. My recommendation is not to use Toast 11.1 if burn speed is important or to use Toast 11.1 to make a disc image that you burn to disc using earlier version of Toast. You can have multiple versions of Toast on your Mac at the same time. I keep Toast 11.0.4 around for this purpose but 11.0.6 also should do as well.


Are you using Verbatim Blu-ray discs or a different brand? I know that different DVD media burn at different speeds depending on a drive's firmware so that may be a factor with Blu-ray media as well. Have you checked if LaCie has a firmware update for your drive or if they recommend any media brands

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