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No Longer Any Backup Disk For My Version



I downloaded Toast 11 Titanium on Sept 1, 2013 from your site.


I called today and wanted to purchase a backup disk for my version of Toast. They said that there is no longer any backup disk for my version. I would have to again pay for another download of the current version of Toast and then get that backup disk. I didn't want to pay again. I did purchase the extended download service when I originally downloaded Toast Titanium on 9/1/13. This is good until Sept 30, 2015. My question is: After 9/30/15 I will lose the ability to recover Toast. I was wondering if I could manualy copy my version that is on my computer now to a CD or DVD? If I can, how do I go about restoring it? Just put the disk into my reader and follow instructions?

I have a iMac bought 7/9/13 with OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.4. I have an external LG Blue-Ray reader bought new with the computer.


Thank You for any information on this. And thanks again for the rebate! That check came in so handy, you wouldn't believe!


Thank You,



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Simply burn the downloaded Toast image files as a data disc using Toast's Data window.


Also, Roxio has the full Toast Titanium standard version available as a download from it's software updates page. That does not include the extra apps or Blu-ray plugin included with the Pro version.

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