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Signal On Tv But Not Laptop



I tried plugging in my Roxio HD pro today and it BSOD'd my laptop. Seems like whenever I plug it in, it either restarts or BSODs.. SO I proceeded to do a software repair (and it worked), however now my laptop can't receive a signal from the device.


The driver is listed under Sound, video, and game controllers. There is no "Other device" category in the device manager.


I triple checked, everything is hooked up correctly, using 2 hdmi cables.


Input on software is set to HDMI, Source is at Roxio Gamecap HD PRO.


Gamecap Device is lit up in purple, showing power.


The TV is getting audio and video from the HD PRO device.


On peculiar note: when I turn the quality down, the buttons light up, and the software says "ready"


I'm about to reformat in all honesty.



Whenever I boot up the software it says No Signal in red letters & my TV goes blue.


Any help from the gurus around here? All help is much appreciated.


My specs: Intel Core Procesor I5-2430M CPU @ 2.40GHz & 4GB RAM. Running Windows 7

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