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Plugging Roxio Back In And Out To Work!





Whenever I open Roxio I always have no signal. and the only fix I have found is to unplug it from me computer and plug it back in. This gets very annoying, is there anyway to fix that? Also, in the Capture software, I only get preview video when I am recording, and when it only says start capture, there is no preview video. That isn't a big deal, but I was just wondering if there was a fix to it?



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Sadly, both issues are your PC...


I don't what you could do to resolve the USB Port Interupt...


The other is a graphic card/chip issue. You have had this about 8 months now, has it always had this issue?


No, just recently as i bought a new computer. but my last computer ran on windows xp and was very low end spec wise so i dont understand how that worked when this is a windows 8 computer

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