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Nxt Upgrade To Nxt 2



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Is there any benefit to go from NXT to NXT 2?


I guess it depends on what you do and what operating system you have/use on your current PC.


C2011 Pro & C2012 Pro are not W-8 compatible where NXT & NXT2 are Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 compatible.


I have W-7x64 Ultimate & W-8 x64 Pro on my PC so I prefer C2011 Pro & C2012 Pro, run them on W-7, and NXT 2 Pro on W-8.


NXT had Corel PaintShop Pro 4x and installing NXT2 didn't uninstall it. NXT had a version of WinDVD that wouldn't play commercial DVD's, NXT2's WinDVD will play commercial DVD's but no commercial Blu-ray DVD's.


I hope that helps?

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Even though NXT2 indicated it would uninstall NXT, I did a manual uninstall of all Roxio programs, found some old 2012 files and even some registry entries.

Did search for Roxio in the registry and deleted all entries also did the search for HDR, iZ\otope, SmartSound, and SonicFire.

NXT2 installed without any problems.

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