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External Dvd Writer (Samsung, Model Se-208 Ab, Hooked To >> 2 Usb Ports) - Which Earliest Version Of Easy Cd Creator May 'support Dvd Writing' ?


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Q: External DVD Writer (Samsung, Model SE-208 AB,

hooked to >> 2 USB ports) - Which earliest Version

of Easy CD Creator may 'SUPPORT DVD WRITING' ?




1 I have been using Easy CD Creator, version (May 2003

release) on a HP desktop computer, haing Win-XP / SP2 O/S

and am extremely happy with this software. Up to now, I have used

it to burn data / audio CDs



2 Becuase internal DVD writer with IDE interface are not available,

I had to buy an External DVD writer (Samsung, Model: SE-208 AB)



3 The drive is detected was detected by O/S and get listed in Easy

CD Creator's 'Data DVD Project'. However, in Tools >>> CD Drive

Properties >>> next GUI, For Supported Media only CD-R, CD-RW

and CD-RW (High speed) are displayed



4 For Data/DVD (2nd item at bottom) >>> CD Project Properties,

I changed the File System from UDF >> to >> Joliet. However,

for Physical Format, Only Mode 1: CDROM gets listed.

Mode 2: CDROMXA is greyed out



5 After adding files to be burned on a blank DVD disk, when I press

Record (Red button), an error message pops up:


No Supprted DVD-Recorders were Detected on your system



It seems that the version 5-3-5-10 does not have codes for writing DVD disks

(most probably, even the internal IDE type one). I burned a data CD-R disk on

this external USB-hooked DVD writer and there were no errors.



Any suggestion as to what I should do ? Which lowest version of Easy CD

Creator (e.g.: 6 ot 7), may work as a DVD writer ? The newer version of

Roxio Creator are too complicated and too big for me








Nov 26, 2013

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Easy CD Creator 5 used a drive identity list and any new drive would never be on that list!


Our resident Guru (Brendon) on Creator 5 and the Drive Table List lives in another time zone, I will point him to this post.


Don't know what if anything he could do for you now with the new Samsung Drive but lets wait and see?

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Sorry for the time lag - it's my lunch time now so here I am.


I understand you've been using ECDC with a CD writer up until now, and want to add DVD capability. Since you can't buy an internal DVD drive with IDE interface, you've bought a USB external drive.


ECDC 5 was written using a look-up table in the registry which held details of all the drives the program would recognize.

Look-up table updates ceased in 2004, so any drives designed after then are not in the look-up table.

When your drive matched an entry in the table, Easy CD Creator would use the parameters in the table entry and operate as expected.

If a full match wasn't found, Creator would try to provide basic default CD operation but not DVD operation.


I regret to inform you that your drive is not in the table, so Creator has given you only basic CD service. Creator 5 won't write DVDs with that new drive.


Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 is a little bit better at this, but still used a look-up table last updated in 2004.

Easy Media Creator 7.0 or 7.5 is likely to be the lowest version that would happily write data DVDs for you, if you're not prepared to go to one of the more recent versions.




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