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Insert Content Cd Into Drive. Downloaded Version - No Cd?


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I am trying to create a Christmas Card from within the Photo section.

However, when I click the template the programme requests the content cd to be inserted in the cd drive.

As this was the downloaded version this is obviously not possible.

I have tried reinstalling the programme but the problem still exists.

It appears the programme doesn't know were the content is installed which is odd as it's on the same drive as the NXT programme.


How do I get round this?


Thanks in advance

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I'm not sure what is confusing?

I'm in the NXT section and make reference to the NXT programme being on the same drive as the content, (which was also downloaded as a separate file) and make it clear I don't have a CD or DVD as it was a downloaded version.

I did not upgrade to NXT2 because they wanted £54.99 to do so.


The programme is asking for the content cd to be placed in my drive. I don't have either a CD or DVD so how do get round this?

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Thanks for responding.


Yes, the content is showing in the Programme and Features section under the control panel.

There is no option to point the programme to the content file or folder. Only retry or cancel.


Click on the content download and run it, does it show/offer a repair option, if so run it and reboot.

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There's no option to repair only an option to re-install.

The re-install routine recognised the content had already been installed and stated it would have to remove the content before re-installing could take place.

I let the whole process finalise then re-booted.


The problem is still there.

I'm giving up for now but will probably delete the whole programme and try again at the weekend

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Sorry Junker, I missed that you had posted in someone else's thread (threadjacked) one about NXT 2. That is why I asked which did you have. My apologies. See what happens when you post complaints/questions to someone else's thread. It is always better to start your own just as you have done here.

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