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Mpeg4 Onto Dvd



Hi, I converted mp 4 to DIV/X through Toast as the mp4 version wouldn't play on my DVD player. The conversion took over 6 hours, and has increased the file size from 3.78GB to 18.60GB, which has made it too big to burn back onto DVD. The original material is in 3 sections, but even one by one they're too big to burn. I don't want to go to a double sided DVD, as I'm not convinced that will work on a DVD player. Is there a way of reducing the new file in size or can anyone suggest a different format than DIV/X to convert to, for playing on multiple DVD players?

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mp4 - 3.78 GB

If an MP4 file (likely H.264 video) is that big, then it could be HD material, or is very long in duration. DVD players generally output at SD resolutions. I would suggest scaling down to SD, either as DVD-Video or DivX. This would also reduce the file size.


I don't want to go to a double sided DVD, as I'm not convinced that will work on a DVD player.

All set top DVD players are required to be compatible with pre-recorded double sided DVDs. Most modern players have no trouble with recordable double sided discs (DVD-R DL / DVD+R DL). Verbatim DVD+R DL discs seems to have the best player compatibility among the writable DL discs, as well as good availability.


playing on multiple DVD players

Only DVD-Video (VOBs in a VIDEO_TS folder) is standard supported on set top DVD players. Other formats (like DivX) have always been an extra feature on some players, certainly not all players.

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