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George JK

Cd Labels For 10.3 De Not Printing Correctly. Prints Backards. Why?


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Hi George.


What you have is s cut down version of the program as modified for Dell. As such, it would be hard for us to diagnose most issues since we normally don;t see those cut down versions. Techincal support comes from Dell. Have you been to their web site to see if there is a free update or to their users group to see if anyone else has that problem and solved it?


It sound like it could be one of two things that you probably already looked at 1) The printer drivers and 2) The complete detail settings (perhaps it is set to print to a transparency or other. Can you print a sheet of paper correctly? Reinstall the drivers for the printer with your antivirus off. Set the printer to the default settings. Google for that error and you will see lots of hits ; for example this (link) It is an old one for XP. Sicne you didnlt give us really enough to work with (for example what operating system and what printer, you are pretty much on your own for trouble shooting.

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