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Can I Convert Vcd To Dvd?


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Yes - Very Easy!


Understand that they will likely be in 4:3 Ratio and the "best quality" of a VCD is only 352 X 240 (480 X 480 for SVCD) and as long as you choose a HQ Project in MyDVD or VideoWave you will not lose any quality.

(you can't make it better but you CAN make it worse :huh: )


I would initially start with VideoWave and click on Add Movie. Then point it to the MPEGAV folder on your VCD and specifically the xxxx.DAT files


Structure on disc looks like this:



Pull a couple in and play with them to make sure just what you have. You can makes edits and even save them as mpeg files if you like.


That way you could combine a few on a DVD but TIME is the constraining factor!


At HQ you can get 1 hour on a 4.7 GB DVD or about twice that for a DL DVD ;)

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