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Help Needed Asap. Can't Roxio Capture To Open My Movie For Burn!



Help. I am trying to transfer my Hi-8 camcorder movies to dvd via the Roxio VHS to DVD for Mac. I transferred one movie and the title comes up in I-movie under the Roxio Capture, however, it is not able to be opened. The message is: Quicktime player cannot open the version of this movie. How do I get it open and burned????


Also, I have very little hard drive space available. I have an external hard drive with 500GB open. How do I bypass my Mac to the open space on the hard drive???


Please help, as I'm trying desperately to do this for a Christmas gift.



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It sounds like you are using the "Easy VHS to DVD Capture" application and not the "Roxio Video Capture" application. The former captures in MPEG 2 format which is what is used by video DVDs. However, it is not readable by iMovie unless converted to a different format such as h.264 MPEG 4 or DV. That app also is lacking an option to save the captured video to an external drive. It's advantage is it can quickly be used in Toast to make a video DVD.


The Roxio Video Capture application replaced the other a few years ago. It captures in h.264 mpeg 4 (when using the medium or low-quality settings) which is ideal for iMovie. It also has a preferences setting to save the captured video anywhere you want. It's disadvantage is that its high-quality setting typically results in audio sync problems and needs to be avoided. Also it is more time consuming for Toast to make a video DVD from an mpeg 4 file than from an mpeg 2 file.


It sounds to me that Roxio Video Capture would be a better choice for you. If you don't have it, send me a private message.

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