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I purchased Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. I figured out how to transfer the videos to the computer but I cannot figure out how to edit them. I saw the directions for Trimming A Video, but what I want to do is delete parts of the video that I do not want to burn to DVD. I would also like to take parts of the video, and trim them to their own file - for ex. on the same tape separate segments for consolidation - birthday, concert, vacation.

Is there a website for more directions that I can refer to? I am looking for a user manual and just can't find it.

I LOVE the ability to transfer the videos and that part was really easy.

Thank you

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It is a little more difficult to accomplish separate segments into files.


Maintain your original clip(s) and even make a copy of them in a separate folder for safety.


set the beginning and end markers as well as trim marker to isolate the portions you want to retain in one file.


Do an Export to Computer and use a meaningful Project Name.


Now load the clip original clip again and mark and trim the next parts you want to retain. Do another Export.


Keep it up until you have all you want.


In the last part, add the exported files into a new project, set how you want to handle them - as separate menu items or as a contiguous movie with transitions between them and burn.


Dabble a bit and if you get stuck post back!

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