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Installation On Windows 8 Fails Every Time



Windows 8 64 bit, fully updated. Purchased the download version of version 3 Plus some time ago. Relevant error code from the installation:


12/07/13 12:30:41 - Updating install progress: 2 / 6, (null)

12/07/13 12:30:41 - Action InstallActions.DIRECTX_NOV07.INSTALLDIRECTX_WEB failed with exit code -9.

12/07/13 12:30:41 - Installation failed with error code -9



Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Okay, I downloaded a direct x redist file and renamed it to replace the old file and that got me past that part. Now, I get an error 1603 during the step that installs the main app. Digging through that log file gives me Error 1335 mentioning Data1.cab being corrupt. Is there some method for me to redownload the file from Roxio given my valid key?

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