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I have recently accired a DELL XPS 720 with Win 7, 64 bit. I installed from a disc that came with it "Roxio Creator & MyDVD 9.0 DE".

As I had problems, I felt this program is not compatible so I uninstalled it. Since I get the message when windows starts that" THERE IS AN INCOMPATIBLE DRIVER" referenig to "Sonic".

I have been through numerous postings on the net on this subject and have tried them all. I have delete everything refering to Sonic and Roxio in the file system and the Register and using msconfig. I also ran a patch from DELL.

I think I have found and deleted everything but still get this message.

My feeling now is that I have not deleted the Roxio/Sonic drivers.

So my question is, where do I find these drivers and how do I delete them??

Help Please.

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Please look in your Control Panel > Programs and Features.

Here is a screenshot of what Creator 9 DE installs. Are all of these gone? If not, please uninstall them.





Please run REGEDIT, your Windows registry editor, and search in the registry for the word "upperfilters" (without the quote marks.) You should reach a key where the right hand pane looks somewhat like this: [it won't look exactly similar, because this is from a different system] It should have the values UpperFilters and perhaps LowerFilters in it.




If you can find that key, what filter/driver names (e.g. Cdr4_xp; pwd_2k; cdralw2k) can you see in 'UpperFilters' or 'LowerFilters' ??




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It probably means the data in 'UpperFilters' has been deleted by an uninstall. Not a problem.


When I installed Roxio Creator 9 DE into Windows 7 a few minutes ago it installed the following filters into the 'Lowerfilters' key.




Does your registry have a LowerFilters value there in that same key, please? If so, what's in it?





Trying to tie down which driver is causing problems, dows Windows 7 show you either or both of these screens please?





If so, what does Windows say about the driver name or publisher?




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A search for lower filters found a key:


Lower Filters REG_MULTI_SZ PxHlpa64 DLACDBHE


Windows shows the smaller screen on the right... and describes as:

Driver: Sonic Solutions DLA

Publisher: Sonic Solutions

Location: Not available



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Hi Bruce,


That'll be a left-over from Sonic's DLA, and will be the cause for the Windows 7 complaint. You should [1] remove the reference from the registry, and [2] remove the driver file from your system if convenient.


[1] Run Regedit and locate that key. Double-click on the Name, LowerFilters. That should bring up an edit box with the driver names ready to edit. I'm on a 32-bit machine at the moment, so mine has 32-bit driver names.




Click where the cursor is, to remove highlighting, and then delete DLACDBHE. You should be left with PxHlpa64, and you should ensure the cursor is on the line below the Px entry you're leaving.




Click OK, and that DLA entry will disappear from LowerFilters, the edit is complete.




Click the red X and put Regedit away.


[2] Search your system for DLACDBHE.sys. It's in \Windows\System32\Drivers in my 32-bit system. You might need to tell Windows to see hidden and system files. When you find it, rename it to *.BAK or delete it altogether.




That should be it, and Windows should have stopped complaining - about this one, at least! :)




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Hello Brendon

I have the same problem with Easy Media Creator 9 with Windows 7 Home premium 64 bits

I get both messages

post-208-0-07704100-1386495465.jpg post-208-0-67910500-1386495482.jpg


I just install a PC optimization software (uniblue powersuite 2014) which indicated me that I have drivers to update.

When I'm confirming to update them, the software is saying:

"Could not complete restore point. Without a restore point you will not be able to recover your latest system data if a driver update does not work as intended. Do you want to carry on with driver updates without a restore point"

I'm saying no, but this leaves me with divers not up do date.


My windows is up to date and I installed one Sonic patch for Drag-to-disc Vista 64 bits, as some people on other blogs said it work for them on windows 7.

I still get both messages.


I hope you can help me:

- is there a solution to get rid of these messages if I want to keep this Roxio version on my PC ?

- should I uninstall it?

- what will happen if I say yes to update the drivers with the PC optimizing software?


Thanks in advance


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I just went and tried this method, and it worked quite well with Creator 9 in Windows 7.:


-Uninstall Roxio Drag-to-Disc, which is the owner of the "offending driver(s)"

It has a separate entry in Control Panel > Programs and Features, so you can uninstall it separately.

Here's a shot from the Creator DE I was running this afternoon. It should be similar in your version.




Before I started there were a couple of Roxio drivers shown in the registry, DRVMCDB and DLACDBHM.




After the uninstall and a restart of Windows, they were gone. No more complaints from Windows for me.





Regards and Happy New Year,


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I just uninstall the Roxio feature an it work

I don't have the message

Thanks very much , you are the best


But, I'm still not able to update my drivers with my PC optimization software (uniblue powersuite 2014). I'm still getting::

"Could not complete restore point. Without a restore point you will not be able to recover your latest system data if a driver update does not work as intended. Do you want to carry on with driver updates without a restore point"

Should I answer yes?

Any idea on what can happen if I say yes?

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Sorry Claude, I've never used that Uniblue software.


It sounds as if you won't be able to get back to today's state if you go ahead and change your drivers with that software. That would worry me.

Perhaps you should make sure that you have System Restore turned on and working in your Windows 7. That way, you could make a restore point yourself for use in case a driver update goes bad.


If System Restore isn't working in your Win 7, why isn't it?

If the Windows System Restore is working, why can't the Uniblue software complete a restore point?


I think those questions should be resolved before you go much further.




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