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Burning Data To Blu Ray



I am using Roxio 2010 to burn data files to a Blu Ray disk. I am burning about 22 Gig to a 25 Gig disk. The project burns without any errors, but only about 10% of my files and directories are actually on the disk when I am done. My source has 6,800 files and 455 directories. The final burned disk only had 1,200 files and 176 directories. I have tried Roxio Creator as well as Creator Classic and I get the same results. I am using ISO Level 2 which should allow 212 character path names, but I am seeing missing files that only have about 65 characters in their path names. There are thousands of files so I cant check them all, but the few that I have checked, that are missing, are between 65 and 150 characters long.


I tried writing to an ISO first and then to the Blu Ray and the ISO gets all of the files and checks out perfectly, but when I then burn the ISO to the Blue Ray using Roxio Burn Disk Image , I end up with exactly what I get when I burn the files directly.


We have been using dual layer DVDs to back up our projects for years and have not had any problems. We were hoping to use BR disks to cut down the number of disks that we need to archive.

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