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Capture/preview Artifacting On One Machine



On the advice on Jim_Hardin, i have created a new thread


this thing used to work perfectly, until a few months ago then it wouldnt read that i plugged anything in, then when i managed to fix it, this basicly happened



t starts 2 mins in, but then clears up at 6:30, but then starts again at 9:26


system specs:

AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core 4128Mhz

Nvidia GTX 660

16GB DDR3 1866 MHz

Windows 7 64bit Ultimate


it just goes on and off, on a similar timescale no matter what i try, always 2-3 minutes of clear footage it borks up


i have tried using two seperate hard drives, both cause this issue, it even happens when im not recording and just on the preview screen, same time difference


Also what i have tried is turning off all extra programs, using the Razer game booster, changed multiple Nvidia settings, and so far the only fix is to use another machine, my laptop, which is 1/4 as powerful, with the same programs open.


Specs of my Laptop:

Windows 7 64bit Ultimate

Intel i5 Sandy Bridge 2.9Ghz Dual Core


Nvidia GT550M


When opening the recorded files using roxio's own video player, the video starts up fine, then after two minutes, the video speeds up while artifacting and continues to do so, and even skips, whereas if i play it in a normal media player, the video skips with sharp cuts to black, i can get a video example if required


Have tried with DVD player and have also tried with nothing surrounding the device, i have quite literally just unplugged it from one machine and plugged it into the other with no issues on the second at all (the laptop)

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i have quite literally just unplugged it from one machine and plugged it into the other with no issues on the second at all (the laptop)


What does that mean???


It was a straight question just eked a clear straight answer!


If it works on the lap and not the desktop, you have solved your problem.

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sorry about the answer, but i was just trying to make it clear that there was nothing wrong with the setup, as is usually the case :P


the issue comes not with using the laptop, but more of time/spontanoius recording, as i would have to grab the lappy from 2 stories up, find a place for it and the power cable, then transfer the footage to the desktop somehow

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