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Issues With Ps3 And Wii U



In regards to the PS3, I've been able to record footage several times in the past without any trouble. However, today, when I started it up, I was greeted with No Signal and nothing I could do would fix it. It's the same setup I've used over and over, Component to component, plugged into my laptop. I can get picture on my TV with no problem.


As for the Wii U, I have it plugged in via HDMI but I can't get picture on the TV AND I get a No Signal. I tried component as well, and the same problem persisted.

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Please follow the instructions below and let me know the results.


1) Connect your PS3 directly to your TV using component cables and check if it would make a preview


2) Check TVs Display Settings if it is set into Component


3) Set your console's Display settings and have everything checked (480p, 720p, & 1080i) except for 1080p (leave it unchecked)


4) On Game Capture HD Pro's capture menu, set your input setting from HDMI to Component


Let me know the result. ;)

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