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Hello, I just got my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro yesterday, and I can't seem to get it to work right.

I have a similar problem to this topic:



I've done multiple Installs, repairs ect... nothing seems to work.

The options button causes the software to crash.

  1. I'm using the component cables on a Nintendo Wii, and HDMI to the TV. (I have an Xbox if I should be trouble shooting with that instead)
  2. Audio and picture on the TV is fine.
  3. Software starts with: Status No Signal.
  4. I Adjust the Quality in the Software, It starts Fine but quickly becomes blurry and unusable. (Audio quality is ok, Cuts in and out with the video ?)
  5. The Options Button Crashes the Program.
  6. The Service "RoxMediaDBGame1X" is Running.

In Short I have no Idea what's going on.

Any help would be great,


Thanks All.



I Forgot to note that This PC has no CD-ROM, I had to use a networked pc's drive, don't see how that could cause a problem but I figured you may want to know.



Xbox Component and HDMI yield similar results




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Hey I just though I'd share my hardware setup. Mostly because I'm surprised it works and for some reason makes me giggle.

Here's the basic setup, I'd draw a diagram if I could.

  • HDMI in from Laptop
  • HDMI out to TV 1
  • Component in from Console
  • Component out to TV 2
  • Audio out to Speakers (with Headphones)
  • Digital Audio from TV 1 to Surround sound.

Oddly Enough, The card can show the console on both TV's or, it can also show the console on TV 2 and the Laptop on TV 1.

I like how it allows me to still play movies and games on the big screen, and games on my small screen, without ever having to switch around any cables.

so I can stream with friends on the couch or alone at my desk.


I had a really rocky start with the card, but I'm really glad I picked one up.


My only issue now is the capture software is really lacking in capabilities, and the card doesn't function with any other streaming software. (xsplit if you pay) I hate seeing such a good card be bogged down by software, if you fixed that up a bit they'd probably sell like hot cakes.


Thanks for reading all.


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