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No Audio Can Be Previewed Or Captured



I have downloaded the old version of Easy VHS to DVD on a Windows 7 64-bit OS.


Everything seems to be working except that I have never been able to get it to have any sound. I have used both the S video cord and the standard A/V cords. My recording device is set to the USB as default. The volume is turned on in Windows Mixer. Nothing seems to be muted. I can hear static.In device manager both of the usb indicators are there.


I open the program, click "capture video", connect my camcorder to the usb, set it to "roxio video capture usb", set the input to s-video or composite [i've tried both], and push play on the camcorder. I can see the video play but there is no sound. There is no sound on playback either.


Thank you for any help or suggestions you can give me.

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The Audio is ONLY carried by the White/Red RCA cables...


S-Video and Composite (Yellow) never have any audio.


A couple areas to check or recheck...


Make sure that the Device shows up in the Mixer and is active:



(you said you checked but please look again)


Check the Recording Devices and make sure the Roxio Device has been added:






Lastly, check for audio activity AND make sure you have the level Up in the software:


(green lines at the bottom)



It would be nice to know what version you have and what OS you are using it on???

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Thanks for replying! I have version 1.1.125. My about says this. I looked at the guide to which version you have and it doesn't look like mine is any of them. I've checked for updates and it says there aren't any.


I always have the red and white sound cords plugged in to the roxio usb.


Here's my volume mixer

Here's my recording devices

But my screen looks nothing like yours. I'm trying to just capture video from a camcorder so that I have computer files of it. I'm not going straight to DVD. But my screen once I hit "capture video" looks like this There's no indicator for sound anywhere.


Also I know the tape has sound, I've been watching them through a tv and the sound comes out fine. And that uses the same cord to attach the white and red cords to the usb. Additionally, if any other music playing application is open while the capture screen is up the sound will distort and just repeat. But that's to be expected because it's trying to record.

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That version is compatible ONLY with XP or Vista... It cannot be made compatible with Win7 or greater -_-


As I recall it might have even worked for a short time then would just stop working.


You need to upgrade!


The EVD 3 Plus is available to you as an Upgraded (no hardware) for about $20... (HERE)


But if you would like a more robust editing package, consider moving up to the full Creator NXT Suite??? Your device would still be compatible.


Whichever way you go, be sure you uninstall the device and software first. Then leave the device in another room until you have installed the new software :lol:

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