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Gracenote Error And Slow Response To Eject In Mavericks




After upgrading to Mavericks on my Power Mac Pro, Toast 11.1 cannot read discs I want to copy my purchased music CD as backup. Once I insert the disc, it tries to identify the disc (which has worked fine until 10.9) and it gives me Gracenote error: CDDB error ox947A431c. Above it is an active box with Gracenote trying to start initializing. If I click OK, on the error, Roxio quits.


The workaround: I start up iTunes. Let it identify the disc, then I boot up Roxio Toast.


Is there a solution to this? I have attached a screen shot.


Also, the response to clicking on the copy button is about 6 secs. and when trying to eject the CD, no response for at least 5-7 secs.

Gracenote error.tiff

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According to the release notes with Toast 11.2 the Gracenote bug is fixed. You can download it from Roxio's Software Updates page here. Ignore that the text says it is 11.1. It is actually 11.2 (3175).

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