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45 Gb Used Up By Roxio For Mac- Where Are Those Files?

Ang W


I used Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac to record overnight. The manual says to have at least 15 GB before recording. Well, I had 45 GB and they are all gone! I couldn't even save the video I spent all night recording because Roxio some how ate up all that space. I have been searching for an hour for some kind of temporary or render file that may have saved to no avail.


Yes, I have restarted my computer. Yes, I know where my movie files are going to save. I looked to see how big the .mov file that failed to save was and it was only 5MB. I deleted it. Still 45 GB GONE. Please, please help. Thank you.

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I'm not sure. When things go right those hidden files are automatically removed when you save the final capture. In the Finder choose Find from the File menu. Click on "Kind" and selected Other... Then select File Size. Then change equals to Greater than. Now enter something like 1 GB. Now click the + button to add another search criteria. This time choose File Visibility. I'd choose Visible or Invisible. Make sure you have This Mac selected for the search at the top of the window.


If that doesn't display what you're looking for you probably need to search in any of the three Libraries. You do this by opening a Library folder and then choosing Find. That way it will search within that Library. There is a System Library, a root Library and a User Library. The user library is accessed by holding down the Option key while clicking on the Go menu in the Finder.


Because you don't have a huge amount of hard drive space, be sure to choose Medium Quality rather than High Quality if you are using Roxio Video Capture. That encodes the video as a high quality h.264 file that is much smaller than the Apple Intermediate Codec file used with High Quality, plus it avoids a common problem with audio sync.

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Thank you for your help tsantee! I knew there had to be a hidden file in that folder somewhere. I searched how to display hidden files and found this helpful forum: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3736881


I used the Terminal tool to reveal the hidden files and there was the 45GB file in the destination folder I had selected before recording Roxio.


I will use Medium Quality now as well, thank you for the suggestion. There's really no reason to try to get the highest quality in a VHS... it's a VHS. :)


Again, thank you for your help!!

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