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Is Toast Limiting Burn Speeds?



I just bought an external blu ray drive from OWC, its the Pioneer 208 drive. I bought some 6x BR media to go along with it. My first burn went at 6x but hung at 99% and never finished the burn. Coaster (or as I refer to it, 'toaster'). The next time I ran Toast it upgraded me to 11.1. Now the blu rays burn successfully but at a painfully slow 2x. I takes about an hour to burn one disc. I specifically bought this drive over their portable USB bus powered ones, hoping to get better speeds. The only options I get for burn speeds in Toast are 2x and 4x- even if I select 4x it doesn't get there. I tried on my iMac (quad core i7, 8G RAM, firewire 800) but get the same results.


I can't imagine it's my Mac, 2013 Retina Macbook Pro, 256SSD, 16G RAM, USB 3.0, etc. I don't think it's the media (which according to the manufacturer should be 12x compatible with this drive), because the first burn went at 6x. If I do a burn in Finder it gives me a 12X burn option (but doesn't display a burn speed, I need to do some A-B tests).


2x speeds aren't going to cut it. I'd be happy with 6x. I'm going to go ahead and assume I'll never see the 12x-15x speeds this drive is capable of.

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Roxio completely rewrote Toast 11.1 and for some reason it no longer burns discs at a good speed. Some users who need to burn several discs choose to Save as Disc Image with the current version of Toast and then burn that to disc using the Image File setting in the Copy window of an earlier version of Toast to get faster burn speeds. There now is an 11.2 update on the Software Updates page. I haven't checked to see if it improves the burn speed but I doubt it.

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