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Call To Arms - Can We Please Get Some Clarification On Twitch.tv Here?


Righto, received my roxio hd recorder today only to find I can't use it for what I intended it for - streaming on twitch.tv. After spending hours of figuring out what to do, I stumble upon this forum and ultimately learn that not only am I ^#!& out of luck, but this has been an issue for 8 months which scares me that there won't be an update for even longer... I don't want to resort to using OBS or any other program to screen cap, I just want to stream straight to twitch as the box states I can.


How hard can it be to just chuck in an option for a GAME CAPTURE DEVICE to run through twitch... instead of a site that doesn't even cater to gaming now. I feel pretty deceived that this device is advertising a feature that isn't even functional.


Can we please get a response on when/if we can expect an update, or am I going to be returning this device and grabbing a different brand that actually does what's advertised?



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Well that is not completely true.... because it worked fine like 1,5/2 weeks ago.... but Twitch or whatever did something so the compatibility between the Roxio devices and Twitch fails...

There are already a few people contacting Twitch, and i heard some rumors about that the people of Roxio are working on a update (not sure if it really is)

But for now it is waiting.....

There is a optional move you can try and that is with OBS (Open Broadcast Software) and capture your complete screen (making the preview to fullscreen) or just a small part of it (the Preview Window)


Hope i gave you a small update and hint for now.

I'm still trying to fix it every day but can't tell you when i find/know the problem.

But you can find everything i tried, and if i find any new stuff to try, or maybe help people i'll share it on this topic:


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