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Problems And What We Need Fixed



Hey everyone, I decided to make a post where we all can state things that NEED looking into with this product so we can all keep track of them. Hopefully this way we can all compile a list and get this to Roxio because the majority of us can agree that things need a fix. No arguments, no bashing, just a level-headed discussion. I'll put some of the things I think should be addressed or at least looked into first:



  • There are times where the video resolution changes from 720p to 480p and I have no idea why.
  • Using Windows 7, the preview screen stops showing if Aero themes are disabled. Whether this was by design or not it is still an issue. Note: I'm using an Asus K53E laptop, Intel Core i5 2430M CPU at 2.4 GHz, 4GB RAM, and Integrated Intel HD 3000 Graphics.
  • Cannot use any other capture software outside of the included software unless it is coded to do so i.e. Xsplit. Not that big of a concern since some people have/are working on software that can work with it.

Live Streaming

  • After an update to Twitch, users are no longer able to log in and stream to Twitch TV.
  • Allow for a higher bit rate than 2250 kbps.
  • Allow users to change the frame rate as well.
  • The same as in "Recording," the preview screen does not show while Aero themes are disabled in Windows 7.
  • Give the users an option to add overlays to their stream.
  • There have been a few problems with the bit rate test when choosing a server that should be addressed.


  • I would appreciate it if this company could test their product to make sure everything is working. It's not wise to advertise the ability to stream to Twitch when the product needs to be updated and hasn't after the recent Twitch update.
  • Since more people seem to visit the forums for their problems, dedicate more members to scouring the forums to at least get some feedback to improve their product.

Well, that's just what I have at the moment. Give your input and let's try to get things fixed. This is a good product that would be GREAT if it weren't for the lack of support.

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You should just send it to them through feedback, they don't look at the forums. Click help, then provide feedback. I bought the game capture because it was the only one who accepted paypal, out of the big 3 (Roxio, Hauppage, and Elgato). Also because of their numerous ads on youtube, on their ads it says "Livestream" and "record", I wish it could do both. Sadly mine only wants to do one or the other.


I didn't return the card when I had the chance, because I had faith that the problems would be fixed. Their last update was a year ago. Wish I had the sense to return it then. Anyway by the time they do fix this most people will have next gen, and thankfully next gen consoles have native streaming. :)

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