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During Video Export 2Nd Disco Won't Burn



Hi Everyone,


I hope that perhaps a person will see this today, I know it's a long shot with it being Christmas Eve and all. Anyway, I have recorded several home movies that were originally done on a HI 8 camera. They are on the computer hardrive and most are 7-8 GB and 2 hours long.


When trying to export them to DVD I am having a problem. The software tells me that I have to split across multiple DVD's - too bad there isn't a feature to do more than 2 DVD's but that's another topic.


Anyway, I create the split point and start the project - 1st disc burns fine but when i get the message to load the 2nd disc, I put in the 2nd disc and the software doesn't pick up and continue. So the 2nd disc never starts burning.


I saw a person mention in another thread to uncheck the box that says "auto fit" but it won't run at all without that box checked.


I have already gone into my control panel on my computer and set all my "auto play" settings to do nothing when loading a new DVD into the drive. Before doing this, I noticed that I was getting the "what do you want windows to do.." type message when I put in the 2nd DVD and I thought this was messing up the process.


I'm trying to make copies of these DVD's to give to mom - they are of her mother who has passed away.


Also, another question - isn't there a way to change quality from "best" to another setting? I can't find that option. The quality isn't that great anyway, but just curious.

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Set Markers where you want to Split the Project...


Now Close the Program and name it Disc 2.


Open the existing Disc 2 Project and close it again but name it Disc 1.


Now you are ready to work!


Open Disc 1 and Move the Right End Marker to the Split point. Burn Disc 1


Open Disc 2 and Move the Left End Marker to the Split point. Burn Disc 2


When you have the time, come back and we will get your EVD3 fixed and working as it is supposed to ;)

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