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I usually create enhanced audio CDs by receiving an open session audio master and creating a custom hybrid as the second session, add that to the disc, burn as CD-Rom XA and Close the disc. Replicate. This has been a solid process for years. Also cool when I have had to remake the audio session when I have been supplied closed audio discs by error or ignorance.


Today I received a closed session audio master, recreated and burned as an open session disc (A check on the disc properties in Toast before adding the ISO data confirmed it was indeed open) but this time I just needed a PC only second session, not hybrid.


So I created an ISO 9660 data disc, and tried to burn and close. Toast kept spitting out the open audio master wanting a burnable disc.


As a workaround I created a Custom Hybrid with exactly the same ISO settings and a 'dummy' text document in the Mac partition that just says "Sorry this disc PC only) This time Toast was happy to accept the open disc and burn.


What's up with that ? Why does Toast only seem to like utilising the second session via custom hybrid and not a simle Data>ISO 9660


OS10.4, Toast 6.1.1


- D

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