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How To Ask Questions


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How do you ask questions please I really need help.


You were able to post so why can't you ask your question :blink: ?


It is not polite to butt into someone thread and ask a unrelated question.


Look through the different forums, find the one closest to your problem and then open a new topic.

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When you first enter the Board you'll need to create an account [if you haven't already] and log in, since only members can post messages.


At the home page you'll see a list of forums. Each deals with a piece of software, or a group of similar offerings.

Pick the forum dealing with the software you're using, and use the sub-forum for the type of question you want to ask.


If the question you have isn't already answered in the messages there [take the time to read them] then start a new topic.

Near the top right of the forum page is an orange button 'Start New Topic' Hit that, fill in a meaningful subject line, and then write your question in the space provided.

-be as clear as possible about your question, and give the folks enough information for them to be able to work out what is wrong and what you need.


Most people here won't be grumpy, and will try to help you.

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