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Stereo Vcr Records In Mono



I'm trying to convert my VHS home movies to DVD with Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. I have a Stereo VCR but on my PC I only hear sound in the left speaker. I followed the installation instructions in the manual carefully, and the cables are all plugged in correctly. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Thank you.


* Sorry, I meant to ask this in the audio forum. I can't figure out how to delete this.

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Well, let's start with the obvious first. You have three connections to make, yellow for video, then (probably) red, and white for the left and right audio signals. There are only a couple places for things to "go wrong."


1) the audio cable could be bad

2) the tape could possibly only have been recorded on one channel (unlikely)

3) the VCR has a bad channel

4) the capture device could be bad on one channel


So, we can diagnose things.


First, swap the red/white wires at the VCR end only.


If you still only get sound out of one channel, and it's still the left speaker, then we know the VCR is putting out a signal from both channels, your audio cable is okay and your capture device apparently has a bad channel. So, swap the left/right connectors going into the capture device. If you still only have audio in the left channel, then the capture device is bad.


If you only get sound out of one speaker, but it's moved to the right speaker, then your audio cable may be bad, or your VCR is only putting out audio on one channel. Get a new audio cable to try.


If you get no sound, then you might have a bad audio cable, the VCR is only putting out one channel of audio, OR, your capture device has a bad channel. Swap the red/white connectors at the capture device end. If you get sound out of only the left speaker now, then your cable is good, and your capture device has a bad channel.


If you get sound out of both speakers, it's a miracle, there was a bad connection, be happy.


So, try those things and let us know what happens.

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Hmm... so, it moved to the right speaker. So your capture device has shown it's good since you've gotten audio on both channels.


So, you could only be getting an audio signal from one channel of your VCR. The next question is, is there any real "stereo" information? Probably not, so you just need a "Y" adapter to split the single audio signal your getting into two mono signals to feed into your capture device. So, you get a Y adapter that has two RCA male plugs, and a single RCA female jack. Plug the "live" audio signal from your VCR into the female jack, and the two male plugs into your capture device, and you're all set.

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