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MyDVD with Canon DVD cam



:) most of the times SW crashes while I try to trasfer the videos from the DVD (as recorded by the Cam) to the PC. I have uninstalled and then installed again everything but nothing happened. Did any of you had same problems with Canon??? what have you done?? any suggestion??
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Pretty vague…


How about some specifics about the system, hookup and steps you are taking?


Sorry for my english.. I am using Roxio 6.1.4 which imply opening a new DVD project in order to capture the video from the DVD Cam (originally recorded in VOB format) and convert it in MPEG so I can modify it and mix it with music and other stuff (without this process you can only watch the video the way it has been recorded).


Every time I open roxio and click on "add file", the program crashes and says something like this: the instruction refered to memory 0x28abbdf8 that could not be "written". The program will be closed.


The result is that I can't import the video.

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Make sure you are capturing correctly as it is different than most other devices.


When connecting the camera to the computer the following should be done in this order:

1. Power the camera from a household outlet

2. Turn on camcorder and put it in the Play Movies position

3. Connect the camera to the computer using the USB cable

4. Run MyDVD and select Open Disc.


To download an instruction manual for the camera and software that walks you through the capturing process, go to the following link and click on Product/Software Manuals and download DC20/DC10 Instruction Manual (PDF, 4.04 MB) DC2010IMN-EN.pdf

Canon Documentation page: http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controll...p;modelid=11817

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