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I have just received the roxio game capture card and my tv does not support the red, blue and green cable but i saw a

WMA HDMI Male to 5 RCA RGB Audio Video AV Component Cable on amazon uk. and i was wondering if i could put them into the component video out side then put the hdmi into my tv and do the rest as it says to do. if i could do this i would be very happy because other wise i will have to send my box back and i will be very disapointed! Please help me!

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Let's remember that any cable that tries to go from a digital signal (HDMI) to an analog signal (Component,Composite) has little chance of working by itself.

To pull this off there needs to be some kind of A-D or D-A converter in the chain.

If the cable doesn't have this built in (highly unlikely) then it will not work.

The converter devices you're looking at should work just fine.

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