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Cannot Use A Wmv File In Mydvd



I am trying to create a DVD project in Roxio MyDVD, which is a part of Easy CD & DVD Burning. I start by adding a WMV video file in Add New Movie, and I get this message: The file you are trying to use cannot be edited, and has not been added. I am running Windows 7 Professional with the latest version of Windows Media Player. I purchased the Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning software as a boxed product and I just installed the software today.

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Please check that the program is working properly. In 'Add New Movie' navigate to C:\Program Files\Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning\VideoUI\Content\Video


There you should see a large bunch of files, many of which are WMVs.




If you can see thumbnails like these and bring some of these WMV files into your project, then your program is operating properly, and there may be something wrong with the WMV you're trying to use. Very often the problem is that the files are protected by DRM, and Roxio programs are not allowed to use protected files. In that case try some other WMVs that you know aren't protected.




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