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Help - Timeline View No Longer Appears And I Need To Move Some Audio


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Just finished up a training video, and have to move some audio because I inserted some stuff which through the audio off. Usually, I click to timeline view and just slide the audio to the slides it needs to be associated with. I use Creator NXT Pro,


Now, when I click "timeline view" the whole program hangs up. I do not want to do re-install because the key may not work anymore because I had to have it reset by Ralf once before.


Any ideas on how to fix this?


And, editorial comment why the F does this program crash and have so many GD issues??????


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1) No need to uninstall, just do a repair. You shouldn't need a key.. You may have to do it a couple of times.

2) Stop using a registry cleaner. Aggressive ones remove items from the registry that need to be there. Norton 360 Registry Cleaner is an example. (That is usually the answer to your editorial comment).

3) Learn to use the internal tracks to tie your audio and video or images together so that if you move an image or a video, the audio moves with it.

4) Do maintenance on your computer. Please post this information so we can see what you have and perhaps offer some suggestions.

5) Do you really think the single letters add something to your post? That usually turns people off.

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1) Several repairs (6 and they take only afew seconds, correct?) and nothing improves.

2) That's closing the barn door after the horses escaped......but good to know in the future

3) I am quite proficient at producing vids. However, the only way to use the audio over several slides or to adjust it quickly one way or the other is to use timeline view.

4) Dell XPSL502X windows 7 home premium SP1 I7 2620M, 2.70 GHZ, 8 gb ram intel HD graphics, no sure how to do maintenance to this

5) Yes. It displays my frustration with this product that has to have a huge forum which would be unnecessary if the product worked as advertised. Do you have to speak iiin generalizations? How do you know what turns people off? You can only speak for yourself.

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1) Maintenance - use these tools - link (Get rid of old programs you not longer need, gat rid og junk and temp files and DEFRAG (unless you have a SSD [solid state hard drive]).


2) Updating drivers - use/post this. We can offer suggestions.


2) It turns me off; isn't that enough? Especially since I'm the only one trying to help you at this point.


BTW, repairs should take more than a couple of seconds. Are you seeing any progress bars?

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