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Can I use Roxio Game Capture HD PRO to play live games on my computer display?

Yes as long as your computer display can take HDMI or Component input. Instead of connecting a TV, you can connect your computer display as an output with Roxio Game Capture HD PRO device so the video can be passed through in real time to your computer display.

You still need to connect the capture device via USB with a laptop/PC for recording though. The preview in the Capture software has about 2 second delay as it is required for the hardware to process the video.

Okay taking that into account I've made a setup and it has failed to work, this is it:

Xbox--->HDMI--->RGC--->HDMI--->PC Graphics Card

Then in using Dvi from my PC Graphics Card to display on my monitor.

I own the following items so maybe you can use these to help me:


2x Monitor w/ DVI VGA

2x HDMI Cables



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I'm having a problem with that sort of set-up. My monitor takes DVI Input and I have an hdmi to dvi adapter, but when I connect it to the monitor it is just a black screen. Without the RGC connected, I can play xbox 360 just fine, but when the signal is passed through the RGC it doesn't show up. Any ideas on how to fix it?

(Preview screen on the Game Capture Software works just fine)

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I currently have a setup like this:

Xbox--->HDMI--->RGC--->HDMI--->HDMI Female Coupler--->HDMI to DVI

The monitor I'm attemping to use is the ViewSonic vx1935wm

Monitor takes DVI-D (Dual Link)

This HDMI to DVI Cord I'm using is the "BlueRigger High Speed HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable"

HDMI to DVI is also DVI-D (Dual Link)


The setup above doesnt work. Yet everything seems to check out.


My Questions are:

Can I use a HDMI to VGA from the Output of the RGC to my monitor?

(I am using a "Xbox 360 HD VGA Audio/Video Cable 6ft" and it works fin on my monitor)

(I don't mind using VGA, as long as I can record :) )


What items are needed to use a RGC with a VGA or DVI monitor?

(Links are appreciated but not needed)

(also a guide to the connections "e.g. Xbox->RGC->etc.)



Jim, my last setup didn't work, :( I plugged and prayed & hook-upped and hoped



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Plan B:


Since the DVI-D works when used directly from your Xbox - use an HDMI splitter BETWEEN the Xbox and RGC.


One HDMI to your Monitor w/DVI-D Adapter

One HDMI to the RGC


A passive splitter should do the the trick ;)


But there is no such thing as an HDMI to VGA unless you spend $30+ for a powered Analog to Digital Converter -_-

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