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Roxio Creator 7 Error Message



I have been using Creator 7 for several years. Now, when I try to copy a non-commercial music CD or burn a data disk I am able to copy the files, but receive the following error message when I try to burn a CD: "D:HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GWA-4083B ("BUFFER UNDER RUN - ILLEGAL REQUEST") (05/24/00).


Update: Brendon - I tried your suggestions, but was unsuccessful. Thanks for the tips, though. SKNIS - I'm using Windows XP. Dave

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Your LG drive is getting a bit old, but that shouldn't be causing a buffer underrun. That's caused by your drive burning data faster than the system can feed it. If it is only happening recently it suggests your system has slowed down transferring the data to the burner.


Do an Internet search on the term "Buffer Underrun" for full details, but in simple terms

-your system sends bursts of data to the burner drive, and these data are stored in a buffer until the drive burns them.

-for the burn operation to be uninterrupted, this buffer must not be allowed to get empty during the burn

-if the buffer does get empty your drive stops burning, gets lost, and signals an error

-most drives now have 'Buffer Underrun Prevention' where the drive will suspend a burn for a short time if the buffer runs low, and then resume when the buffer re-fills. However this will only cope with very short data delays, and fails if the data flow dries up for more than a very short time.


Your drive has a buffer size of 1.5 or 2.0 MB, and can write up to 11 MB/sec [DVD 8x] so when writing at full speed the buffer can empty in less than 2 tenths of a second. You don't need much delay to cause problems. It has been working well up 'til now, so something must be slowing down the data transfer.


-defragment your hard drive [fragmentation slows down delivery from the hard drive]

-reduce CPU load [don't run other programs while burning if you can help it - this includes antivirus programs]

-if you have a huge number of files and a slow hard drive, "burn" to a disc image first and then burn the image to plastic.

-slow the burn speed if you can't speed up the data transfer rate




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