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My New Youtube! :d



My New Youtube!!


Hey Everyone, i wanted to share with you guys my new youtube account where i will be recording xbox 360 gameplay with the Roxio HD Pro.


Gameplay's will range from tutorials, tips and tricks, funny moments, walkthrough's and much more.


Please join me in my quest and hit this link



Also i need all the support i can get as this account is new so bare with me and maybe even give me feedback and ideas in what i should do in upcoming videos, it will be highly appreciated!


Thanks again guys and i look forward to hearing from you all.




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I don't see anything to look at there yet :D


First vid going up today! :)


i can give you some tips on rendering and stuff just hit me up on youtube if you need help.


I will Certainly do that buddy, and along the way i will also be showing people knew things that i learn within the editor, but as Jim said, post them in here as well, you will get a lot more feedback

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Videos to my channel will start being uploaded mid week guys so be sure to check them out for me. I have 5 gameplays of assassins creed black flag gameplay/walkthrough! If you have any request or any ideas on other series then please let me know. Thanks :)

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See for me and my videos, i do not actually need that much done to them, maybe the odd tweak and so on, but as far as effects go i do not do none, other then fading which i prefer to use windows movie maker, simple and basic :)


As far as time is concerned im not overly bothered to be fair, my videos consist of about 15-20 minutes long at the most, then i will render them when i go to work, so i am not sitting around waiting otherwise it may be a problem for me.

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Hey all, just a quick update.


So upload's had to be put on halt for a little while due to some personal problems at home, but all up and running now. There will also be daily uploads from now on :)


I am finding it real hard to get started and would appreciate all the help i can get, and also any recommendations!


Now i know the game campaigns that i am playing/recording at the moment are fairly old titles, but this will soon change when new titles come out that i enjoy playing, but as i said if i have any recommendations then i will always take them into consideration. I have added a new title that i am currently working with which is Call Of Duty: Ghosts, on top of my Assassins Creed Black Flag gameplay/walkthrough's.


So please check them out guys would mean so much to me, subs and likes are very much appreciated also!


Thanks, Hazard!

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