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Burning A Video_Ts Folder With No Menu



i'm running toast 11.1 under Mavericks.

I have a folder containing Video_TS & Audio_TS folders.


I drop the folder into Toast.

I want to burn but with no menu.

It should play when inserted.

Option 2 is the only option that says No Menu

but it creates an incomplete DVD, the VOB files are missing.


How do I create a menu-less DVD from a Video_TS folder?


thanks for any pointers.

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You have two choices. One is to have Toast author a new VIDEO_TS folder by choosing the DVD-video setting in the Toast Video window and selecting no menu as your menu style. If there are multiple titles on the DVD then the other choice is to use the VIDEO_TS folder setting in the Toast Video window and then select fewer than all the titles to include on your DVD.

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Thanks tsantee but I don't understand. I apologize for not being clear.

What I want as my end-product: a DVD with no menu.

I've done this many times burning a QT movie.

This time my source file is different.

I have a folder containing Video_TS & Audio_TS folders.

I can play these disc-less files using DVD player just fine.

I drop the folder into Toast.

Toast sees them fine and I can play the file inside Toast.

I select Project 'VIDEO_TS Folders'


I use Options #2 from the dropdown list as that's the only of 3 options that states 'Menus: No'

I press the Burn Red Button. It goes through all the motions. BUT it didn't work. TOAST didn't create VOB files on the DVD's copy of the Video_TS files. It's a lost disc.

As a test, I tried Options#1 and that works but it has a Menu which I can't have

per my TV station requirements.

My conclusion: Options#2 doesn't work.

Does it work for others? If so, which OS, which version of TOAST.


Thanks again for replying. It's much appreciated.

Option2_TOAST_no VOBFilesCreated.pdf

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What you did was the second of the two options I described. It should have created a video DVD that contains a VIDEO_TS folder and that folder should contain VOB files. It should play when inserted in your Mac with DVD Player and when inserted in most standalone DVD players (a few players don't like burned DVDs). I did a test of my own and it worked fine.


Since it didn't work for you there is the first option I described. Choose DVD video as the format in the Toast Video window. Drag in the VIDEO_TS folder. In a few seconds a new window will appear where you can select what you want to include from the VIDEO_TS folder. Click the button next to Title to select a video you want included and then click the + button on the lower left. Do that for any other titles you want included. When you complete your selections click the Add button. This returns you to the main Toast window. No click on the menu style and scroll up to the top where the style is No Menu. Now you can burn this DVD. Instead of modifying the original VIDEO_TS folder as was done using the other method, this one authors a new VIDEO_TS folder.

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I like that other option.

It didn't work under Toast 11.1/Mavericks.

The screen came up but most of the buttons

were frozen,

I downloaded 11.2 and that option works there

giving me what I wanted.

I also tried the other option. This time it did

create a workable DVD. BUT it had a menu

although it said Menus: No By Menu I mean

when I press the Menu button on DVD Player

a Menu pops up.


One other thing doing the DVD-Video route

there's no verifying of the DVD unlike the

TS_Folder route does a DVD verification.


Is that a preference setting? That use to be

standard under prior releases of Toast.


Thanks for replying again.


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You've done quite of bit of troubleshooting on your own. Good job! I wasn't aware that it doesn't do verification when choosing that setting. I suppose you could choose Save as Disc Image (File menu) instead of clicking the burn button and then burn the resulting .toast file using the Image File setting in the Toast Copy window. That way there would be something for Toast to verify against. That's also a good way to test out a DVD before burning it to disc. Select "Mount It" in the contextual menu that appears when you control-click on the .toast file in the Finder. That way it mounts as if a video DVD disc was inserted in the Mac.


I'm guessing that the reason Toast included a menu when it said there would be none when you used the VIDEO_TS folders setting is that your source VIDEO_TS folder had contained only one video. Toast drops the menu when fewer videos are chosen than contained in the original, but if there is only one Toast sees that you've included everything so it includes everything as well. Just a guess.

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