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Editing My Videos


I found out how to cut off the end of my VHS to DVD (lots of it was old tv shows at the end of an old home video) but I was wondering if anyone could figure out how to cut your video into segments i.e. My parents video taped an old recital and mid-way through it is interrupted by a basketball game. I know how to cut the end of a video moving the white arrow at the end to where I'd like to cut it but any idea how to edit it in the middle and still keep the beginning and end? Thanks!



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Actually it is fairly easy once you see how ;)


First the Controls:



Find the Beginning and Add Markers:



Do the Same for the Next area to be removed:





These will not be included with you finish your Project. - Notice how the Length of the clip has diminished from 2:58 to 2:04 because of what we are cutting out.


Of course we should mention what to do if we realize we added too many :huh:


You can Reset ALL of them:



Or just one or two (Trim 2 in this example):



Slide the 'end' to the left until it is closed:





Closed but the other 2 are intact:



Note how the Length of this clip increased from 0:12 to 0:14 as we closed the trim.


It is a little hard to work with the editor and Long clips but make use of the single frame arrows to fine tune your position.


With the full Creator Suite you can zoom in and out on the timeline making it a lot easier ;)

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